Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What I am Thankful For....

I have so many things to be thankful for...I am blessed really. I am most thankful for my family. My beautiful daughter and loving husband. I cant think of any better gift or opportunity that I have ever been given than being a mom. Even when it is hard and I stink at it, I have never wanted to trade one second of being a mom for not being one.

I am also thankful that Aida loves school. Today, Alex and my brother Michael and I all went to Aida's school for their thanksgiving celebration. All of the little ones in her class had a Thanksgiving lunch. Here are some pictures of Aida having a wonderful time and really enjoying her lunch. When we got in the car after the party Aida looked at me and said "I happy Mommy." I knew she was and I was so thrilled to hear her say that for so many reasons. I am happy too :)

My camera is acting up right now so forgive this dark picture. Here she is sitting at her table and enjoying her lunch.

Aida and Ms. Jessica. This is Aida's favorite teacher ---mommy's favorite too!

Here she is sitting at the head of the table. Enjoying her lunch and totally at peace. She was such a good girl today.

Eating like a big girl!

The three of us!
Enjoying her cupcake....Grandma made these for the party. They were a big hit.

Today was a big day and a great day...Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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