Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Having Her Cake and Eating it Too....

Sunday, Aida Sophia and I went to a Tea Party at Celebrity Bakery to benefit Kids Kids, a charity that support terminally ill children and their families. Alex and I are so blessed to have Aida this is was our way of showing how grateful we are for a healthy child. Here are some fun pictures and a totally amature video from our experience. Aida dressed up in her custom couture tutu! She looked adorable. Please notice her sitting in the "big girl" chair and eating off of a real china plate (this made Mommy very nervous) and eating with her "big girl" fork. I am going to claim my proud mommy moment here and tell y'all that I think it was very big deal to do this at 17 months old. You will see in the video, how well she does, until the end when we begin to fall out of the chair. Enjoy! In the big girl Chair eating our chocolate cake!
Putting on our princess crown.
Posing for a picture with Grandma Nancy! What a great smile!
We met up with our friends Sonya and Baby Abigale. What a cute picture of the girls!

Here is my video. It won't win any awards but it will show you how much Aida is loving her cake!


The Gleasons said...

I love your new background!

...and that tutu....to die for. Did you make it? I want one!...I mean, not for me exactly...for Annie. lol.

Christina said...

Yeah! Thanks for loving on the new background. I thought it was fun. I did make the tutu...I am selling those too...taking orders on saturday.

Violet said...

Too cute!!! She is a big girl and you have every right to be proud of her... eating off china and with a big fork!! haha :)

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